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Music Production

The process of production comprises arrangement, mixing and mastering. You will get a feedback from each phase of the work and we will proceed accordingly. The final product will be ready for the release, either digital (iTunes, Spotify, …) or printed on a support as CD or vinyl.

Workflow process

of a complete music production

1. Songwriting

Here’s where everything starts: your song. It can even be a simple guitar&voice recording on a mobile phone. After you send this demo to us, we will be in touch with you for feedback during every phase of the workflow process.

2. Arrangement & Instrumentation

Your song will be “dressed up” according to your style. For instance, in a pop song the instrumentation may be: drums, bass, guitars and keys.

3. Sound design & Production

All sounds will be refined to achieve the highest quality.

4. Mixing

The tracks will be now mixed by our engineers, shaping your song to professional quality.

5. Mastering

At this stage, we will make your mix sound loud and clear, at industry standard.

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