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Mixing & Mastering

Mixing is a crucial step in the process of shaping your song. It is the first thing that your audience will perceive as a hint of professional quality. A well crafted and polished mix will guarantee that your song will reach its full potential and will gain the exposure it deserves.

Mastering is also very important. It will make your mix sound loud and clear, at industry standards of clarity and definition. We provide two types of mastering: single­-track mastering and stem mastering.

Single-­track mastering consists of taking the final mix­-down and processing it to achieve levels of clarity and loudness suitable for different reproduction media, at industry standards.

Stem mastering is the process whereby the engineer works on sub­-mixes (vocals, guitars, etc., grouped together) and enhances the sound. The result is way better than the simple mastering, which works on the single mix track of the overall song. Working on grouped instruments allows us the fine tuning of equalization, compression and all other effects.

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